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Bengal Kitten Buying Guide

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

At last, you have decided you need a little Bengal in your life - that is fantastic! But, picking a quality Bengal cat is not a straight forward process.

From insights regarding the type of bengal, to finding a trustworthy cattery, there is a great deal of things that can go wrong.

So to make it easier for any new buyer, I made this complete guide that will assist you with sparing your time and nerves.

Without further ado, below is all that you have to know to assist you with your important decision!

Picking The Right Generation

At the point when you're hoping to get a Bengal kitten, it's essential to choose which filial (F) generation is an ideal choice for you. There are two main categories - F1 foundation Bengal (pretty much a wild cat) and SBT Bengals (Stud Book Tradition) which is a "regular" Bengal cat.

Most Bengal Catteries in the UK offer just Stud Book Tradition common Bengal kittens, since they are suitable to be raised as pets (unless like a wild one!). The SBT cats show all the attributes of completely residential thoroughbred Bengals: they are savvy, playful and have the conspicuous leopard like hide.

At the point when you figure out which generation is going to fit in with your way of life, you ought to consider what kind of pattern and shading you like. A good start is to learn the sorts of Bengals and varieties in their looks.

Choose What Types of Bengal

The two fundamental sorts of examples are the spotted (or rosetted) and the marbled. The markings are special to every Bengal, but will always be within these types.

With regards to the shade of the Bengal's jacket, the two most famous are earthy colored or white (Snow Bengals). The conceals differ from warm brilliant tones to smooth white. A few Bengals have a delightful, flashing sheen to their fur, called sparkle.

At this point, you likely chose what sort of Bengal is the most appealing to you, and it's an ideal opportunity to discover breeders close to you. To guarantee your new Bengal little cat is sound and has a decent ancestry, you'll have to locate a respectable cattery.

Pick A Respectable Breeder

Since Bengals are usually not found in nearby sanctuaries or pet shops, it's not in every case simple to discover a bengal cattery in your general vicinity, not to mention one with an immaculate record.

Let me cut to the chase and give you a list of the TICA registered bengal cat breeders.

After doing some research, you would then be able to sort the breeder by rating, new litter, title or date, and make an informed decision.

Connecting with Bengal Breeders

Pick up the phone and make some calls to a handful of breeders. Tell them you're hoping to purchase a Bengal kitten and explain your requirements about age, type, color and fur patterns.

Inquire as to whether they have any cats available now or if they have any new litters lined up. Since it's recommended that the Queen (Bengal mom) can just have 3 litters every 2 years, it's normal for the kittens to be held even before they are brought to the world.

Arrange a viewing with the breeder and visit them in person. A good cattery will have all Covid-19 measures in place for your safety. An example of the cattery that follows superb guidelines can be found here. We really have to take precaution to prevent spreading of coronavirus!

Doing A Background Check

As I recently mentioned, it's important to locate a trustworthy cattery and the best way to go about this is to meet them face to face. Make sure to ask for TICA documents, any cat show certificates, etc.

The best way to be certain that you're picking the correct litter is to meet both the Queen and the Stud as well as the kittens. Thus, you'll have firsthand impression of your future pet, and have the option to decide whether the character and the vibes of the guardians are something you'd love to find in your cat.

Here are the 2 main principle characteristics you have to focus on:

  • Behaviour

  • Health


Bengals are known for their playful, enthusiastic nature, and it's one reason individuals pick them as pets. However, if they have not socialized from a young age or were neglected, they can turn out to be difficult to deal with.

At the point when you visit the breeder, pay attention to their behavior. Normally, a Bengal Queen won't be super friendly whilst caring for her kittens, but you should still see whether they have been socialized and what are their characters. On the off chance if you notice some aggression, unacceptable behavior or strong litter box odor - this is a warning sign.


Despite the fact that picking a legitimate breeder ought to limit worries about the well-being of the litter, it doesn't mean you shouldn't triple check. Approach the cattery for rabies-shots and worming records, as well as for genetic record of the parents. This shows you whether the little cats from the litter will have any underlying conditions or diseases to ensure you get a healthy kitten.

Male or Female kitten?

Quite often people have a preference when it comes to sex; some people think that female Bengals are more devoted or that the males are more misbehaving, but it’s simply not the truth. Each Bengal has a different character regardless of their gender.

As it is the case with most animals, males are slightly bigger than the females, but apart from a small difference in looks, you’ll find that both sexes looks almost the same.

If you are not breeding cats yourself, you need to consider neutering and spaying, and it's costs. Spaying a female is more expensive as it's more complex than neutering a male. If a Bengal cat is not bred nor spayed, both males and females can become frustrated and start marking with urine. This forum post goes into more details whether you should choose a male or female.


There are various aspects you need to consider when buying a bengal kitten and please note that each of these points above are extremely important in order to make an informed decision. These areas are as follows:

  • Generation

  • Type of a bengal cat

  • Reputable breeder

  • Checking documents

  • Male or Female kitten

For those who already have bengals - is there anything else worth mentioning?

Write in comments below.

Thanks for reading this post - I hope you found it helpful :)

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