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Bengal Cat Starter Checklist

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

cute little bengal kitten posing for a picture
Bengal kitten is on his first photo-shoot at 5 weeks of age!

So you finally bought a little bengal cat...

Well done - now you are pretty much a parent!

Here is the thing:

Bengals are one of the most peculiar cats out there.

Hence, you will need a quick checklist that I wish I had when a potential buyer Lily messaged me one day:

"Could you please explain what will I need before I bring your kitten home?" Thank you so much, Lily, if you are reading this - you have encouraged me to write my very first blog ever :)

So here is a comprehensive bengal cat checklist that touches on every requirement of these incredible pets:


Cat tree

Did you know that Bengal cats have wild DNA as they have originated from Egyptian Mau and Asian Leopard Cats (Prionailurus bengalensis)?

Wild cats love to climb, so here is a great cat tree to make your bengal happy :)



Have you ever tried putting a cat in the bag? I hope not...

Here is a carrier that your bengal might fall in love with when going to a vet, visiting your favorite auntie or traveling.


Litter Box

This is an absolute basic need for the little meawing pals of ours... Some cats can use the toilets and even flush it, but let's not over-complicate things :) This will just do fine. Don't forget to get some litter too!


Scratching Post

To keep your sofas safe, it's best to get them a scratching post unless your cat likes scratching the cat three - then there is no need for this.


Cat Toys

Cat toys are important to bengals. Without them they would get bored, especially if you are not home. A good selection of toys will keep your cat happy :)


Food bowl & cat food

Well well, I nearly forgot to include the most important thing of all - a food bowl! Your new pet will appreciate some wet food and dry food too. Best to get both.


Water Station

You might be wondering why can't you just use another bowl, but for water?

There are two reasons for that:

  • It reduces spills

  • you can put much more water in it if you are away from home for longer

Here is one of the best selling water stations on the market now:


Cat harness

If you like going for a walk with your bengal cat then it's better to get a harness.

It's much safer than a cat carrier.


Cat cave bed

If you have a strict "no animals on bed" home policy then it's a great idea to get a cave bed for your bengal cat.

It's like a little home for them to keep it cozy :)



So here we have it! A complete bengal cat checklist if you just got a new wild family member.

This list will set you up for success and your pet will much appreciate it :)

Would you include any additional items on this checklist? Please comment below - your thoughts are much appreciated.


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